Altoona, Pennsylvania White Pages: WIRFEL - WIRTNER

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WIRFEL, KURT C 189 RR 1, IMLER, PA 16655 Kurt C Wirfel 814-239-2485
WIRICK, DAVID L 2219 BROAD AVE, ALTOONA, PA 16601 David L Wirick 814-949-8827
WIRICK, KRISTEN 105 DELL ST, HOLLIDAYSBURG, PA 16648 Kristen Wirick 814-696-9307
WIRT, ALAN 17003 HARRY HILL RD, JAMES CREEK, PA 16657 Alan Wirt 814-658-7398
WIRTH, CHARLES 104 MARBLE CITY RD, HOPEWELL, PA 16650 Charles Wirth 814-928-5305
WIRTH, KAREN L 4462 RAYSTOWN RD, HOPEWELL, PA 16650 Karen L Wirth 814-928-3331
WIRTNER, BEVERLY J 439 RR 4, TYRONE, PA 16686 Beverly J Wirtner 814-684-4151
WIRTNER, G 212 E 12TH ST, TYRONE, PA 16686 G Wirtner 814-684-3459
WIRTNER, LORI R 3154 WARRIORS MARK PATH, TYRONE, PA 16686 Lori R Wirtner 814-684-4625
WIRTNER, PAUL G 439 RR 4, TYRONE, PA 16686 Paul G Wirtner 814-684-4151

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