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LEFFALL, C FRESNO, CA C Leffall 559-486-2246
LEFFALL, CAPERS 2717 W INDIANAPOLIS AVE, FRESNO, CA 93705 Capers Leffall 559-229-4029
LEFFALL, CARWELL 2329 S EUNICE AVE, FRESNO, CA 93706 Carwell Leffall 559-266-2050
LEFFALL, CLAUDETTE 1394 E ELLERY AVE, FRESNO, CA 93710 Claudette Leffall  Unlisted
LEFFALL, CYNTHIA 1304 E JENSEN AVE, FRESNO, CA 93706 Cynthia Leffall  Unlisted
LEFFALL, CYNTHIA S, FRESNO, CA 93706 Cynthia Leffall  Unlisted
LEFFALL, E FRESNO, CA E Leffall 559-227-2176
LEFFALL, HERBERT 238 N GLENN AVE, FRESNO, CA 93701 Herbert Leffall  Unlisted
LEFFALL, HERWITT 238 N GLENN AVE, FRESNO, CA 93701 Herwitt Leffall 559-266-6201
LEFFALL, JACQUES 5558 W HEDGES AVE, FRESNO, CA 93722 Jacques Leffall  Unlisted

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