Lubbock, Texas White Pages: LAPAGLIA - LAPORTE

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LAPAGLIA, ANTHONY 6515 15TH DR, LUBBOCK, TX 79416 Anthony Lapaglia 806-785-1568
LAPAGLIA, LEAH 6515 15TH DR, LUBBOCK, TX 79416 Leah Lapaglia 806-785-1568
LAPIERRE, TIMOTHY T 210 N TROY AVE B, LUBBOCK, TX 79416 Timothy T Lapierre 806-792-5262
LAPILIO-SMITH, JANETTE 1628 19TH ST, LUBBOCK, TX 79401 Janette Lapilio-smith  Unlisted
LAPIN, LEILA 6202 4TH ST, LUBBOCK, TX 79416 Leila Lapin 806-797-0095
LAPLACA, FRANCES 1719 BUDDY HOLLY AVE, LUBBOCK, TX 79401 Frances Laplaca  Unlisted
LAPOINT, MARY 2116 CORNELL ST, LUBBOCK, TX 79415 Mary Lapoint  Unlisted
LAPOINT, MICHAEL B 6914 FREMONT AVE B, LUBBOCK, TX 79413 Michael B Lapoint 806-791-0219
LAPOINTE, JAMES G 308 LONGHORN ST, WOLFFORTH, TX 79382 James G Lapointe  Unlisted
LAPOINTE, ZERA D 308 LONGHORN ST, WOLFFORTH, TX 79382 Zera D Lapointe 806-866-2907

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