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HOFF, M G 15 BOB NIEMAN RD, ARROYO HONDO, NM 87513 M G Hoff 575-776-8903
HOFF, MARILYN D PO BOX 295, EL PRADO, NM 87529 Marilyn D Hoff  Unlisted
HOFF, MARILYN G PO BOX 295, EL PRADO, NM 87529 Marilyn G Hoff 575-776-8903
HOFF, MICHAEL 826 CAMINO DEL MONTE REY, SANTA FE, NM 87505 Michael Hoff  Unlisted
HOFFACKER, BENJAMIN F PO BOX 16375, SANTA FE, NM 87592 Benjamin F Hoffacker  Unlisted
HOFFACKER, CHARLES E 3339 LA AVENIDA DE SAN MARC, SANTA FE, NM 87507 Charles E Hoffacker 505-438-6121
HOFFACKER, CHARLIE 3339 LA AVENIDA DE SAN MARCOS, SANTA FE, NM 87507 Charlie Hoffacker 505-424-0186
HOFFACKER, RAE 9 CALLE OJITOS, SANTA FE, NM 87506 Rae Hoffacker 505-982-3947
HOFFACKER, SANDRA PO BOX 10, CERRILLOS, NM 87010 Sandra Hoffacker  Unlisted
HOFFBAUER, CHRISTOPHER M 1262 BIG ROCK LOOP, LOS ALAMOS, NM 87544 Christopher M Hoffbauer 505-661-6677

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